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Lisa Cole Bra Fit StylistUplifting the Girls is your online destination for bra fit advice and style solutions. Lisa Cole, Founder and Expert Stylist, has spent her entire career finding the perfect style solutions for clients across the country. Get to know what makes Lisa so special below:

Over the past two decades, Lisa Cole has become a sought after speaker and expert for women as it pertains to body image and style.  Her innovative bra education and fit programs began in the basement of a Nordstrom store and quickly became a must-attend event for women’s groups and organizations across the country. Lisa has worked with everyone from “A List” Red Carpet Celebs to teachers who just want to radiate confidence on a daily basis.  From petite to plus size, she’s learned how to fit every type of woman and recognizes that women  needed individualized attention for finding the right bra.  Her consultative style is well received, and she has worked with over 2,000 clients within 10 years by word of mouth alone.

Lisa is a featured style blogger on behalf of Vibrant Nation, an online community that provides advice and solutions for women 50+ that empowers them to look and feel amazing as they age gracefully. Lisa believes that the possibilities are endless for women of every age and size.

In addition, Lisa helps breast cancer survivors and women who have had breast surgery from breast enhancements to reductions with post-surgical solutions.

“When it comes to being America’s subject matter expert in women’s apparel, Lisa is one of the best. Lisa is ushering in a new era in how women are looking at their body image by going beyond traditional approaches. She has a proven method in engaging the targeted audience in a life changing discussion, which inspires them to achieve a winning and fulfilling edge.”
– Scott Kennedy, National Sales Manager at Dex Media

Thriving: Looking Your Best Beyond Breast Cancer with Bras, Bathing Suits and More

“Surviving is important, but thriving is elegant.” – Maya Angelou. Over the course of two decades I have helped hundreds of women who have been touched by breast cancer. Learn more about the bra fit tips and style advice I have specifically for women post-surgery.

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Celebrating Healthy Aging Month

September is Healthy Aging Month, a celebration of looking at your life, (where you have been, where you’re going), and thinking about how can you make it even more amazing. Are you owning who you are, right now?

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Shape Rx: Instant Shaping Solutions for Your Figure

When a woman experiences a body change, such as weight gain from menopause, or stress, it can be a self esteem killer.  Over the years, my clients 50+ have shared intimate details in their fight to feel good despite having a “fluffy” body and/or clothes not fitting the way they should normally. I am firm believer in making your mindset connect to what’s possible…

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