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Bra and Body Rx

The Rx for Looking your Best at 50+ and Beyond…Bras + Shapewear + Bodywear


When Uplifting the Girls was birthed, we wanted women to know that body confidence can be achieved at any age or size…no exceptions.  How is this possibly you may ask?  It starts with the basics, a great fitting bra wardrobe and solutions that help a girl say, “I can wear that” and mean it!  Over the years, women over have been my primary tribe of divas who have come to get advice and solutions that take the limits off. What does that mean?  Often, women at a certain age begin to believe that looking good is a distant memory.  Everything from menopause, breast cancer, weight gain/or loss to an unexpected life crisis such as divorce can change our life in an instant.  As I believe, it’s about the possibilities and taking action steps to move your life forward.
Aging is about getting better and accepting it with grace and ease.  Things change like our breast, and can make us feel frumpy, and less appealing in the way we rock an outfit or feel about ourselves on a daily basis.  One of my clients Carol  said it best..“I felt like I disappeared and wasn’t looking like the girl I was when I was 30, but yet I didn’t want to be her anymore.  I wanted to be the woman I have become at 60.  This woman has grown and become accomplished, well traveled and fun.  I just didn’t like the way she looked in the mirror.  It was time for a “uplift”, and when I changed my bras and underwear, I changed my life”.  I highly recommend this for any woman.  I consider it an act of love for myself”.   


I believe every woman should have an arsenal of solutions that empower her daily routine of getting dressed.  Here are Uplifting the Girls top picks:
Bra and Body Rx Must Haves Guide for Women 50+ and Better…

1. Seamless Contour Bra

Wear the White T-Shirt, I dare you...

3. Wire Free Bra

Let your Ladies Relax, Go Wire Free

2. Sexy Seamed Bra

Seams give a Girl "Lift and Posture"

4. Convertible/ Strapless Bra

Are you Little Black Dress Ready?...

5. Sports Bra

Get Physical. Support never Optional

7. Shaping Camisole

Confidence in your Clothes?...Check

6. Shapewear Brief

Tame and Tone your Tummy Instantly...

8. One Piece Bodysuit

All Eyes on You...Fierce

9. Seamless Underwear

A must have for EVERY woman!

10. Biker Shorts

Comfortable and Sexy? Yes, it's Possible
Need help creating your own top ten?  Experience the “Ultimate Uplift Consultation” by Lisa Cole, Founder of Uplifting the Girls.  Lisa helps you navigate through the mountain of bras, shapewear and underwear collections in a store, and provides a private and personal experience that will have you feeling like a diva ready to rock your wardrobe. One shopping appointment with Lisa and your set for a year!


Phone Consultations Available Click here to learn more.
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    Posted at 17:28h, 11 September Reply

    Love it, thank you Lisa!

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