Uplifting The Girls | Get your Body Back Fast…One Piece Shapewear Solutions
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Get your Body Back Fast…One Piece Shapewear Solutions

Over the past ten years there has been an explosion of shaping solutions to give women the empowerment and confidence to wear whatever they choose.  I am so grateful for this shift, for I am a believer in not setting limits on your style or yourself no matter what challenges you believe you own.  Sometimes, a woman needs a little help to love herself.   Whether it’s too much chips and salsa celebrating summer (that would be me), or an unexpected health challenge that has caused an increase in weight, every BODY can look sculpted and shaped in an instant.

One of my favorites, and was truly the first shapewear solution for thousands of women before the industry grew rapidly was the one piece shaper.  I have a client who purchases at least ten or more of these within a year.  Wears them every day and says she can’t live without it.    The key factors in this garment are the following:

  • Built in bra that is cup sized. This provides the lift, and enhances your frame immediately.  Remember without lift, the bra does not fit.
  • Shaping in the mid-section, torso, hip line including the rear. Simply stated, sculpted and shaped in key places that cause us trouble in our clothes such as tummy bulges, and the “overflow rolls” in the back.  Smooths out the issues instantly.
  • Elongation through the torso. If you have that “I feel dumpy frump” in my clothes.  Everything just hangs on you,  and you appear to look and feel shape-less…a once piece shaper gives you a total body makeover that allows you to wear styles that are body conscious, and flattering.
  • Please Note: Many women over 50+ often wear loose fitting apparel because they believe they have lost their edge…This shaper can change the game instantly, and also be used as a styling tool to regain the confidence to look good, try new clothes etc.


One piece shapewear comes in sizes from small to 4X.  If you are plus size, try a high waist brief.  This allows you to wear the bra of your choice, and have the benefits aforementioned, and comfortably.  Select from moderate solutions to extra firm.  Remember shaping is not about smashing…if it doesn’t feel right, don’t buy.  Period.   Most companies now provide the level of shaping on each garment.  Style+Solution = Confident YOU…

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