Uplifting The Girls | If the Bra Fits, Wear it! “The Ultimate Uplift Bra Consultation by Uplifting the Girls©”
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If the Bra Fits, Wear it! “The Ultimate Uplift Bra Consultation by Uplifting the Girls©”

When women see or hear the words “look and feel your best” it can sometimes sound like another cliché depending on what stage and age you are in your life.  I know for me, I spent years wrestling with body image issues to include being a size 38G, and feeling like EVERYONE starred at me as I entered the room.  Later this month, I am going to share my story about my breast reduction surgery.  It changed my life in ways I never imagined including becoming and bra fit expert for women.  I am celebrating 24 years, and every year it just keeps getting better.  Helping someone to change or shift their image to another level is an honor and something I take serious.  As I believe, when you look into a mirror you either love what you see or you don’t.  As simple as it sounds, the “right” bras can change your entire perspective on what’s going on for you in the mirror.  How so you may ask?  It starts with proper fit, building an arsenal of favorites in your lingerie drawer that equip you to get dressed in the morning and rock anything in your wardrobe.

I am excited to launch “The Ultimate Uplift Bra Fit Consultation by Uplifting the Girls”©.  Over the years I have assisted thousands of women to find the right bra fit within minutes.  No searching through the racks, doing the guessing game, and then your drawer at home is still packed out with the wrong size and style of bra.  Size is not a factor with this service… I have helped women from –A to K cups and above.  This full service experience allows you to stay in the fitting room, while I search through the styles (know them all) and you hand select your collection.  There is no pressure as well.  It’s a fee based service and whatever collections you pick, it’s based on your budget.  Don’t forget the bottom half.  I will also help you find the right underwear, shapewear and bodywear collections.

If you want to go beyond bras, that’s available as well.  Bring items from your closet that have never fit, or if you have had your share of “wardrobe malfunctions”, I will get it fixed.  Services are based on a flat fee structure and customized to what you need.  Select from a retail store or right at your home for the ultimate in privacy (additional fees will be applied).

Today women have options in taking control in the way they look and feel.  I empower you to get a bra collection that fits and builds your confidence daily.  Contact us to schedule a private consultation.

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