Uplifting The Girls | Lift Me Up, Please! Three ways to fix your Bra Fit Instantly
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Lift Me Up, Please! Three ways to fix your Bra Fit Instantly

When people hear about what I do, I often get the humorous response of “can you lift these girls up?”  It’s a question however that does affect numerous women, and sometimes were frustrated or afraid to really tell someone what’s going on with our bras.  However, recently I was in the grocery store and was standing behind a woman who was in her early 60’s dialoging with a female clerk about how she felt “saggy” and had no lift in her breasts anymore.  I listened to the exchange, and then decided to jump into the commentary.  I waited for the right moment and then asked have you tried size X?  The woman starred at me, and of course had to explain that I was an expert at bra fit.  She immediately smiled and said “wow I didn’t she exclaimed, but that is probably why my bra doesn’t feel good and I feel so low”.  She went on to say she had spent an hour in a lingerie department trying numerous sizes.  However, I told her to make the adjustment in the cup size, not the band size and she said she never did that.  What about you, are you feeling low?  Here are five ways to fix your bra fit and look amazing instantly:


  1. Strap Adjustment: I can’t tell you the number of times I have seen clients feeling like a breast lift or reduction is needed.  Bra straps are the anchor to the bra, and if they are not in the right place, the bra will tend to make you appear “low” or what I call not existent in definition for your bust line.  Not good!  A woman must have definition in her clothing. Bra straps should be even and hoisted up to a level where you see a visible lift in the bustline. Try to check them every time you put your bra on.
  2. Wrong Cup Size: Often we don’t make an effort to get professionally fit for a bra and were wearing a cup size either too big or too small.  Neither one does anything for your overall appearance.  Fix your cup size and watch how you look in your clothes…a change for the better.  In October I am going to do an article called “The Ultimate Bra Fitting Guide”.  I will be sharing how your bra should fit for maximum comfort and lift with pictures!
  3. Wrong Style: Sometimes a bra style just isn’t right for you.  I love push up bras, but I have the hardest time finding ones that give the right shape under my clothes.  I instead went to a balconette style and it was just what I needed to have lift and shape under my clothes.  There are so many styles of bras for EVERY woman.  Falling out of your bra or gapping in your bra is not attractive and it’s actually taking away from your figure.  Find a style that compliments your frame.


It’s easy as 1-2-3.  Bottom line your bra should fit and be comfortable daily. In addition, your posture will get a boost.  You will look proportioned and some of my clients who are curvy said they felt even more confident when they fixed their “lift issue”. Until next time

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