Uplifting The Girls | Dress to Impress: Holiday Dress Guide
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Dress to Impress: Holiday Dress Guide

It’s December and the parties are in full swing! I know I have been having a blast catching up with friends, getting dressed up and feeling good! Fall/Winter is my favorite season. I love layers. One of the keys to success to having holiday attire is to plan ahead and not wait until the last minute. Now you see it, and then you don’t! The selection is eclectic and ranges from Hollywood Glamour Girl, to European Chic such as mixed media where you put a print with a plaid. What’s your style? It can be defined in numerous ways this season and there is no right or wrong. Most importantly, bra and shapewear solutions can help you where it with confidence. Whether you’re going to an office party at a local pub or a black tie event at a hotel, here is how to where the trends…:

Trend: “Shine” – This is all about the bling and sparkle. The trend is all about having fun and styles this season are playful and luxurious. The jumpsuit never goes out of style and perfect when it’s cold. Add a wrap or jacket and you’re flawless. A high waist shaper and a low plunge convertible bra are your go to solutions for this must have.

Trend: Shine

Trend:  “The Sweater Dress”   Every woman can feel good in this dress.  However, issues can arise when trying to wear it with limited lumps and bumps.  Sometimes shapewear can be too tight, and show more indentations and lines that are not enhancing to your shape.  Try a medium or even light shaping solution to eradicate issues.  Depending on the fabrication, having shapewear extra firm is not necessary.  Most of my clients want comfortable shapewear that smooths.  Shaping your frame is the goal.  Comfort DOES matter!

Trend: Shine

Trend: “The Poncho” When it’s a low key event, but you want to still make a lasting impression, try a cape or poncho to add impact and drama. You can wear this with jeans, leggings or tights and be completely dressed. I call this laid back glamour. Because a poncho has a lot of fabric, remember to wear a bra that gives “lift”. I highly recommend a seamed bra.

Trend: Shine

Enjoy the season with friends, family and co-workers. Go forth gorgeous and celebrate!

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