Uplifting The Girls | Dressed for Success – Sweaters
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Dressed for Success – Sweaters

The professional dress code has changed dramatically over the past few years.  Some of us still need to do the suit, but the relaxed or casual office is a go to style for most women including myself.  Sweaters have become a substitute for the blazer.   Even though it tends to be a little more leisure in appearance, the classic has taken on a more “dressy” look for the working divas of the world.  Yahoo!!  You can be cozy, comfortable and confident for a meeting.  Yes, we have arrived.


To compliment your sweaters, you can choose any bottom that works for you.  The jegging or legging is my go-to.  A tailored pant in black or grey can elevate the look to business or corporate professional immediately.


Dressed for success has a new look…Enjoy the trend and create a look that works for your business and your lifestyle.


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