Uplifting The Girls | Bra and Body Rx
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Bra and Body Rx for Women 50+
Advice.  Solutions. After Care Services

As women reach 40, 50+ and better our bodies change. We have seen women transformed by the power of taking our advice in a private consultation, and never allowing “age” or “body size” stop them from being amazing. We take pride in educating, enlightening and inspiring women to know that life gets better at 40, 50+ and beyond. Expert and Founder Lisa Cole believes women in this age group have been her hand picked tribe for years. She affectionately calls them “Lisa’s Divas”. “Uplifting the Girls believes today’s Women over 50 will usher in a new sense of renewed strength, unconditional love, and inspiration.” – Lisa Cole, Founder/Expert

Must Have’s for embracing your body with grace and ease…

Get Lifted! Treat yourself to a Bra Fitting

A Woman's Best Friend. No Diet Required.

Reinvent your Wardrobe Daily
...Try Something New

“Regaining a sense of self when you reach a certain age can be scary. I teach women how to embrace where you are now and love yourself unconditionally. Take steps to create the signature you, the ultimate you that can only be defined by YOU daily” – Lisa Cole, Uplifting the Girls.

Postsurgery Solutions

Having someone who understands the importance of “look good, feel good” is essential when considering any type of breast or body modification. Whether you have had a breast reduction, enhancement, lift or mastectomy, a woman’s beauty underneath it all matters. Founder and Expert Lisa Cole knows first hand the importance of a great fitting bra. She experienced breast reduction surgery and knows it can be a daunting task to find the right help. Whatever your decision, don’t go at it alone. Size does matter when it comes to a new you. Make sure to get help postsurgery.

More Must Have’s for embracing your body with grace and ease…

Schedule an Appointment to Get Fit for Bras before and after surgery. Privacy and time is required.

Create a network of supportive friends to help you through the process.

Purchase after Care Garments prior to surgery. Rest and recovery is essential to healing. No moving and heavy lifting.

Need help? Contact us for more information about our private and customized Bra and Body Rx Services: